Walkee Paws Waterproof Dog Leggings

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Tired of Muddy paws of your Dog whenever you take them to walk ? , Well we have solution for it. A Comapny called Walkee come up with inovative idea for protecting paws of dogs from snow, salt, mud. Walkee Paws are waterproof leggings for your four-footed friends, protecting them from the elements, germs and chemicals on their everyday walks.

Features of Walkee Dog Leggigs

  • Dogs love it – Dogs Hate traditional boots that squeeze their ankles and restrict blood flow. Walkee Paws don’t fit tightly around your dog’s ankles. Imagine the softest and stretchiest of leggings going on your dog instead!
  • Stays on – the leggings secure comfortably around your dog’s back to stay on without tightness around their ankles.
  • Easy to use – Dogs aren’t fans of their paws being touched or the tightness that comes with Booties. Walkee Paws are full-length leggings for your dog. Simply slip their Paw into each legging, tighten the straps for a secure fit and ta-da! Your dog can now walk in comfort and style.
  • Keeps their feet clean – no more muddy paws on the rug, or boots that your dog hates! Walkee Paws give all the benefits of clean dry feet while still letting your dog run and play without restriction of movement.
  • Water-proof rubber feet protect paws – keeps your dog’s feet clean and dry for everyday walks and in rain or snow. Also protects paws from exposure to snow melt, salt, and chemicals that are dangerous if ingested. In warm weather It protects against hot pavements, lawn chemicals, pesticides, allergens, and ticks.

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Reviews Walkee Paws Dog Leggings

After trying many kinds of outdoor paw protection for my dog Dottie I finally found some that I love! Walkee Paws design makes getting ready for a walk so much easier. I have used the balloon boots for years but it is a two person job to get them on. Walkee paws went on easily and after a few minutes of adjusting to them and getting a treat Dottie Read more about review stating So simple to put on

was enjoying a walk free from salty paws! I also bought the matching jacket for the cold Canadian winter. It is so easy to put on with no complaints from Dottie. I followed the measuring instructions and the sizing was accurate.

Shelley P

These are soo easy to put on once you have done it a few times. Once you have the proper fit, then just slip the legs off! No need to adjust the next time! My pal loves them as he is tenderfooted. He has worn socks in the past so he was used to having something on his feet. Due to the weird shape of his feet (with dewclaws) & the short legs, I Read more about review stating Fabulous!

could not find boots that fit him properly & stayed on until I found these! The new models are greatly improved from the first! The new models have grippies for better traction, inside are sewn in such a way as the dewclaws do not get snagged where the rubber is sewn onto the stretchy fabric (the first pair I bought I used electrical tape around the inside to keep from snagging the dewclaws). The rubber is not thick enough to protect against sand burrs I don’t think (sand burrs go through the bottom of flip flops!). However, it is thick enough to protect against small pointy rocks & rough poky grass/weeds. You will not be disappointed with this purchase!

Frankie N


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